Online Integrative Psychotherapy

Have you come to a place where you know it is time to deal with your emotional world or difficulties in life?

Perhaps you have been feeling low for some time, are anxious, or know there is something in your past that needs to be explored and healed.

Maybe you have had therapy before and feel it is time to return to the work at a deeper level or with a new area of life.

Do you have a repeating pattern that plays out in your life? You have tried to change it but seem to find yourself back in the same situation doing the same thing?

It might be that a relationship is confusing for you and you don’t know what to do.

Perhaps you have experienced loss or losses that you haven’t been able to let go of.

If the past is effecting you in the present, psychotherapy can help. It takes courage to begin the journey and look within honestly and fearlessly; well done for getting to this point.

Particular issues of interest to me are: childhood trauma and abuse, relationship and relatedness issues, self-esteem, individuation, spirituality, anxiety and depression, alcohol and addiction.

Together we can explore your situation, come to a greater understanding of the factors involved, enabling you to make changes where you choose.

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I work with you to help you address difficulties and issues you find yourself in in your life. By working in a relational and psychodynamic way we can come to understand yourself more and find the skills and resources to deal with whatever life brings to you.

I help you to access your deeper unconscious self through exploring dreams, metaphor and inner dialogue and connect with information on the edge of awareness. Accessing the unconscious in this way can help you find your own answers to issues and helps you understand your personal experience of your past and how it affects your present.

My theoretical approach is integrative, bringing together a number of different approaches. I have a person-centered approach to the work, with you as the expert in your life; I aim to empower you to do what is right for you, rather than advise or tell you what to do.

I integrate Jungian perspectives, using dreams, visualisation and creativity to explore your experience and circumstances.

I have a background in working with the inner child and using inner dialogues to promote healing – integrating aspects of TA, psychosynthesis and Gestalt. I also work with attachment based issues and spiritual and transpersonal dimensions can also be explored in the work if desired.

These approaches also provide powerful ways to help you access your inner world; your own wisdom and understanding of your experiences. From here you can make changes if you choose to.

Our work can be on a long-term open-ended basis or, in a time-limited way.

We will work online through Vsee or Zoom, or if you prefer by telephone. Ongoing appointments are usually at the same time each week.

Contact me for an initial psychotherapy session where we can discuss your needs and get to know each other. We will discuss what I can offer you and you can decide whether you feel happy to work with me on an ongoing or time-limited basis.

Email me through the form below and let me know how to contact you to arrange an initial psychotherapy session. Feel free to ask any initial questions you may have also.

Alternatively call 07539 749731. I am often not available to pick up the phone initially so please leave a message letting me know when is a good time to call you back.

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